FOIA Request of MMR vaccine

Thanks to the great work of ICANDECIDE.ORG  Who was able to obtain the original MMR vaccine studies that were used to approve this vaccine.
Shockingly we found out that the MMR vaccine Was approved after only be tested on 800 total test subjects divided into 8 small studies.
The worst part of all was that the mmr vaccine was NOT compared against a Real placebo. A true placebo should be an inert substance like saline. Instead these small studies compared the MMR vaccine to other vaccines !!!
The First Study only 199 children were used and they compared the MMR to either the Measles Rubella vaccine (2 in 1) or the Rubella
Vaccine (single vaccine)
What they found was:
42 days
Gastrointestinal illness: 22 children in this study
Upper respiratory illness: 23
Study 2:
In the 2nd study they had a total of
102 kids. They compared the MMR vaccine to a rubella vaccine
What they found was:
Upper respiratory illness: more than half the children experienced 64 kids.
Gastrointestinal illness: 43 kids
Respiratory and gastrointestinal infections were reported in about 55% and 40% of vaccinees respectively”
Study 3: 
They looked at a total of 41 children.
They compared the MMR against a Rubella, Measles, or Mumps vaccine
Upper respiratory illness: 28 children
Gastrointestinal illness: 24 kids
Study 4
They looked at 117 children
They compared an MMR vs another MMR
Upper Respiratory infections: 53
Gastrointestinal infection: 31
Study 5
They looked at 20 children.
They compared 3 different lots of MMR vaccines
Upper Respiratory infections: 8
Gastrointestinal infections: 4
Study 6
They looked at 53 children.
Upper Respiratory infections: 25
Gastrointestinal infections:
Measles like rash: 6
Non specific rash: 15
You can read the rest here !!

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