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Welcome to my directory which consists of businesses owned by patriots and those that believe in medical freedom.

I created this page so that we can start supporting our own community. Lets stop supporting establishments that want to destroy our freedoms. Lets stop funding the enemy and start funding our friends.

Green Angel CBD

Herbs and Supplements

“Green Angel CBD carry real CBD Oil extracted from the Flower only and imported from Amsterdam. Also with our CBD oil you will only need a few drops per dosage not full droppers like other companies”

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Queen Bees Farmacy

Herbs and Supplements

“Health and wellness apitherapy products from the Hive. Your trusted source for bee products and more”

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Talia Likeitis Advanced TRS

Herbs and Supplements

“Advanced TRS is a clean zeolite that’s bound to a water molecule. One of the safest ways to detox heavy metals. Ships world wide”

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Yesi Sol / Joyful Learning


“We provide holistic living resources and educational workshops to families in the homeschooling, out-schooling, and traditional schooling communities. Our providers also offer online one-on-one tutoring and enrichment programs to help meet all of our member’s educational learning styles”

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Nature’s Candy NYC LLC

Herbs and Supplements

“We are a wellness brand supplying our customers with the highest quality sea moss & herbal products. Our goal is to simplify your wellness routine & help you regain control of your health.”

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Alternative Mothering

Herbs and Supplements

“TRS Detoxification Supplement, CBD Oil, Fulvic Minerals, and more”

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My Turkish Prison


“Beautiful Custom Fluid Art On Canvas.
Use KOZI15 for a 15% discount on all paintings (except for fluid letters) on Etsy”

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