The asymptomatic covid myth

The media, Doctors, Regulatory Health agencies, Politicans have been saying from the beginning that asymptomatic people can transmit this novel coronavirus.
Do you know where they came up with this theory from?
it came from lack of proper scientific investigation !!
A paper from The New England Journal of medicine came to the conclusion that asymptomatic transmission can occur from Sars-Co2 because they believed that a women with no symptoms of the virus had passed it on to others.
The problem is that the researchers NEVER spoke to the supposed “asymptomatic” woman they relied on second hand information from the 4 other patients !!!
Even The World Health Organization acknowledged in an April 2020 paper that there is no scientific evidence that asymptomatic transmission can occur
This simple flaw caused major ramification for the world.
The New England Journal of Medicine Paper should be retracted immediately !!
Do you know how much harm this one piece of false information has caused ?
It was the whole basis for shutting down the world. Destroying the global economy,
keeping us all indoors, shutting down schools, businesses, causing unnecessary depression, fear, anxiety, unemployment, poverty, and unnecessary invasive nasal swab testing for people that didn’t need it.
We must demand that shutdowns never occur do to Covid19. WE must demand that the world open up NOW !!!
There is no evidence asymptomatic covid patients can infect others
The asymptomatic covid theory was based on false information