Coca-Cola Trains Staff To Be Racist

In Their Diversity Training, Coca-Cola is training staff to “try to be less white”

Training slides encouraged it’s employees to try to be “less white, less arrogant, less certain, less defensive, less ignorant and more humble.”

Coca-Cola says its trying to build an “inclusive environment” but what they are doing is being exclusive and racist.

They are equating a specific color of a person’s skin to arrogance, defensiveness, ignorance, and egoism.

Imagine if their training used the words “Try to be less black”, “Try to be less Latin”, or “try to be less Asian”, how would that make people feel?  Their would be politicians, media, and marching in the streets, calls for boycotts, and resignations.

Stereotypes are racist. No one should ever shame anyone because of the color of their skin. This kind of behavior and action is dividing humanity and continuing hatred and ignorance. This needs to stop.

Shame on you Coca-Cola