NY Take Action: Nobody has to wear masks anymore except toddlers in NYC

Message from the Autism Action Network:

NY Take Action: Nobody has to wear masks anymore except toddlers in NYC

New York City no longer requires masks indoors, and the vaccine passports to enter restaurants, theaters (except for Broadway), gyms and other places are gone. Kids no longer have to wear masks at schools. Mayor Eric Adams, however, is still requiring children in daycare and pre-school to wear them. Why? The official reason according to Adams is that there is no vaccine available for the toddlers and prudence dictates that, according to the Mayor, they continue obstructing their faces with a frequently filthy barrier to communication and learning that has no demonstrable effect on stopping Covid.

Almost half of all the children in New York State are in the City, and New York City mayors always think of themselves as Governors or Presidents in waiting.

Please call Mayor Adams’s office and leave a message that it is time for the masks to come off the toddlers too.

Dial 311 in the five boros or 212 339-9675 (212-NEW-YORK) outside NYC.

Adam’s does not have a public email address and does not allow our advocacy software to send messages to his webpage. But you can send your own here:


Please comment on his social media.


Twitter: @NYCMayor

The New York Post described Adams’s decision as “pandering to ignorance.” And the Mayor is choosing to ignore just about everything we know about Covid:

Vaccinated people can get infected and spread Covid,
Any protective value of a Covid shot wanes rapidly,
Children have almost no risk from Covid,
Mortality from flu among children exceeds that of Covid,
Masks do not prevent transmission of Covid,
Recovery from Covid offers the most effective and lasting protection,
Religious and medical exemptions have never been shown to impact public health,
Wearing masks leads to significant delays in speech development and learning especially among students with learning disabilities,
Wearing masks leads to other health problems that are never included in decision making,
The Mayor continues to abdicate responsibility to the corrupt and feckless Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which still recommends masking for children under 5.

Like most of New York’s response to Covid masking the toddlers has no scientific basis. The Mayor has no plan that will lead to ending masks for toddlers. Adams continues to pander to the most fearful and uninformed, this must end.

Please share this message with friends and family and please post to social networks while we still can.