Vaccines Contain Paramagnetic Iron Oxide


“To protect the RNA replicons from degradation, we partnered them with a LION formulation that consists of inorganic SPIO nanoparticles”

Antigen Tagging

“This enables tracking of individual vaccine components to determine changes in biodistribution”

Antibody Tethering

“Nanoparticles with cytokine-binding properties quenched the cytokine storm, and PEGylated dextran-coated super magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION) tethered with anti-IL4Rα antibodies decreased pro-inflammatory cytokine expression and repaired lung tissue in mice”


“Magnetofection is a simple and highly efficient transfection method that uses magnetic fields to concentrate particles containing nucleic acid into the target cells.”

Imaging (e.g. MRI)

Moreover, theranostic multifunctional SPIONs make simultaneous delivery and imaging possible.

Organ Targeting

“SPIONs can achieve the highest drug targeting efficiency among carriers since an external magnetic field locally applied to the target organ enhances the accumulation of magnetic nanoparticles in the drug site of action.”

Protein Detection

“Although proteins are unstable in conventional MagLev paramagnetic solutions, superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION) can deal with this issue and levitate plasma proteins [92]. Supervised classification analysis confirmed the proof-of-concept that the motion of levitating proteins in MagLev possesses disease detection capacity, with potential use in a point-of-care device by providing important information on the health status of infected individuals”

Detection Agent (Moderna patent)

“In some embodiments, the payload may be a detectable agent, such as… iron oxides (e.g., superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO)”
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