Flu Shot death rate Higher Than Covid19 Death Rate

The covid19 death rate is about 0.26 %

“the CDC estimates that the fatality rate for all infections across all age groups, symptomatic as well as asymptomatic, is approximately .26 percent”
Looking at the High Dose Fluzone package insert
You can see they present data from 2 clinical trials that compared High Dose Fluzone vs Fluzone. 
In the first study using the 2006-2007
Formulation 23 deaths were reported
Between 29 days and 180 days post vaccination.
0.6% of High dose Fluzone group and 0.6% from Fluzone group. Most of these participants had health issues.
In study 2 they looked at 2 consecutive seasons using 2011-2012 & 2012-2013 formulations
A total of 167 deaths were reported between 
6 to 8 months post vaccination.  0.5% among high dose fluzone and 0.5% among Fluzone.
Most also had comorbidities
 0.04% died within 30 days post vaccination.
Both High Dose Fluzone and Fluzone have a higher death rate than covid19 !!
Watch Del Bigtree break this down !!

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